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Contributions are not tax deductible.

10 Year Installment Plan = $30/yr for 10 years

Ten annual installments of $30.

This extended payment plan is for applicants with limited incomes and may include applicants who are older than 65, have valid student IDs, are eligible for SNAP benefits, or applicants meeting certain eligibility requirements as provided by the Board of Directors.  

This is not an automatic deduction, you will need to make a payment every year.  To make a future installment payment, go to Installment Payment under the Members tab.  Not sure how many payments you have made?  Email Stacey at membership@friendsandfarmers.coop and she can look it up for you.  

There is no penalty for early payment.  Installment payments may be made at any time.  

*Please be sure to fill out the very short form, after you enter your payment information.  The additional member info is very important.  

Friends & Farmers Cooperative Membership Policy

Owner-Members in good standing (including those that are fully invested or are current with payments on an installment plan) are entitled to one vote at membership meetings, including elections for the Board. Up to four additional membership cards, for other adult members (18 or older) of the Owner-Member’s household (referred to as “Additional Co-op Card Holders”), may be requested.

Owner-Members, one per membership number, will:

  • have a voice in governing the Co-op through their elected board of directors
  • receive a year-end patronage dividend of net profits (based on purchases made on the Owner-Member’s member number) at the discretion of the Board, which will consider reinvestment needs and the financial stability of the Co-op
  • be entitled to a refund of their equity share at the discretion of the Board after it considers the financial stability of the Co-op

Owner-Members and Additional Co-op Card Holders (together “Card Holders”) will:

  • be entitled to special promotions and discounts (such as on cases of products)
  • receive free admission or discounts to events such as workshops, farm-to-table dinners, and other sponsored events
  • have access to Co-op facilities for personal and group use at an additional cost (e.g. meeting space, harvest kitchen, etc.)
  • have the opportunity to purchase discounted harvest-season surplus from Co-op suppliersbe entitled to other benefits not listed above as determined by the Board
  • receive discounts from participating Local Loyalty Business Partners

Card Holder Responsibilities

As a cardholder, you are an integral part of the co-op’s success – through the money you spend at the co-op and keep in the community; with your support of local producers; and by encouraging others to join and shop. The co-op depends on its members to build this community. You are not required to provide volunteer work hours, but the co-op will thrive from your contributions, passion, and talents.

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